Hello and welcome to the Tarley Legacy! Using Pinstar’s rules, I’ve decided to forgo the point system and the more harsher rules because I’d rather just have fun. I will still be following most of them which are listed below along with my own versions of rules. Credits: Pinstar

Succession Laws:

  • Equality: Heir can be either gender.
  • Strict Traditional: Natural born children that can be traced to the Founder.
  • Random/Democracy: All eligible children will either be picked randomly or by my readers or honestly whomever I like best. Haven’t decided which route to take yet.
  • Tolerant: Species doesn’t matter.

(My) Legacy Rules:

  • No cheating.
  • Traits are random.
  • No restarting after bad events.
  • Heir must remain on Legacy Lot.  This might be changing.
  • No changing aspirations.
  • No bringing the dead back, pleading with the Reaper is allowed.
  • Lifespan is set to normal.
  • Spares and townies are allowed to be played for the ONLY purpose of furthering the town genetics.
  • Wishing well can only be used once per Sim lifetime.
  • If it’s in the game, it’s fair. (Lottery, etc.)

Founder: Penelope Tarley
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